PlantTwin simulation system as a tool for verifying production plans and supporting decision-making to improve the efficiency of machine-building industries

The article deals with the issues of improving the efficiency of production and logistics systems (PLS) of machine-building enterprises through the joint use of MES/APS systems and simulation systems for verification of production plans and decision support. The possibility of using the PlantTwin simulation system on the example of a small machinebuilding enterprise is considered. Simulation of the operation of the enterprise’s PLS when performing a given production program is performed. Based on the results of simulation modeling, a number of organizational and technological proposals and recommendations for improving the efficiency of the enterprise’s PLS were formed. The proposed solutions were verified by making changes to the simulation scenario and obtaining new results showing their effectiveness.


The Concept of the PlantTwin

This document defines the concept of the PlantTwin discrete manufacturing simulation tool. It describes:

  • features of the simulated subject area;
  • basic functionalities of the PlantTwin tool;
  • restrictions and assumptions applied to the use of PlantTwin.

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