PlantTwin supports decision making for strategic and medium-term production planning of factory shops, enterprises and groups of enterprises.
Key application areas of PlantTwin are: machine-building, aerospace, ship-building industries.

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Three modules of PlantTwin allow performing the tasks of planning in a more efficient way

- Scenario editor prepares inputs for scenario analysis, forms an interrelated data set and maintains correctness and consistency of the data
- Scheduler verifies theoretic feasibility of a production program, identifies bottle necks in a system
- Simulation model verifies feasibility of a production program considering real-world variabilities and interdependencies

Examples of problems being solved

  • Evaluating adequacy of productive capacity of a shop, enterprise or group of enterprises for production target delivery
  • Justification of investment in modernization of existing and creation of new production facilities
  • Checking production plan feasibility using simulation modelling and Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Generating a feasible schedule to complete production plan on time
  • Scenario analysis of work distribution and coordination policies between plants of a holding company

Case Studies

Simulation-Based Tool for Evaluation of Production Plan Feasibility in Aerospace Industry

Agat – discrete manufacturing simulation system

PlantTwin considers:

  • Hierarchical BOMs structure
  • Production routes, including assembly operations
  • Setup and cleaning durations
  • Operating schedule of factory shops, production units and personnel
  • Operations of external contractors
  • Consumption and replenishment of purchased component stocks
  • Sizes of production batches
  • Equipment maintenance and repair schedules

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