Scenario editor allows users to prepare an interrelated input data set for simulation modelling.

  • User-friendly interface for editing strongly interrelated data
  • Import and export of any data to MS Excel with built-in error-checking
  • Automatic check of data completeness and correctness


The PlantTwin scheduler checks the theoretic feasibility of a production program, identifies bottlenecks in a system.

  • Generation of feasible schedule for realization of a production program
  • Identification of bottlenecks, scarce resources and critical paths of the schedule
  • Representation of the plan as a set of interactive graphs, tables and diagrams

Simulation model

Simulation model checks the feasibility of a production program taking into account probabilistic factors that cannot be considered during analytical planning.

  • Estimation of the likelihood of on-time completion of production program
  • Consideration of random factors, such as delays in fulfillment of operation, components supply disruptions
  • Ability to verify plans generated by other systems like MES

Using combination of scheduler and simulation modelling allows to generate a feasible schedule that maximizes fraction of orders completed on time.

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